La Jolla and Waterproof Digital Camera

La Jolla is a great place to use your waterproof digital camera.

View of La Jolla Cove

Did you know there are affordable point-and-shoot waterproof digital cameras that can take great photos and video underwater?

Yes, for as little as a few hundred dollars you can buy a waterproof digital camera that you can take with you while snorkeling, surfing, tide-pooling, or boogie boarding.

These cameras are relatively easy to use. There are a few steps to follow. And then voila! You can take great photos of family and friends swimming in La Jolla Cove, bodysurfing at La Jolla shores, or kayaking to the La Jolla Sea Caves.

California Spiny Lobster La Jolla Cove

When I first learned to snorkel and SCUBA dive, underwater photography was a lot of fuss. You had to buy an expensive case with o-rings and seals. Then you took the risk to put your camera in this plastic case. If one drop of water entered the plastic housing you could ruin your camera.

Then, waterproof disposable cameras were invented. They take pretty good pictures, but they’re not digital.

Today, camera makers have made lightweight waterproof digital cameras to photograph at shallow depths. No special cases. No complicated o-ring and sealing routines. Just a few steps.

Sea Lion La Jolla Cove

These waterproof digital cameras also take photographs above water too! So if you are traveling to a water destination like La Jolla for vacation, you can use a waterproof digital camera while snorkeling, or while visiting the San Diego Zoo.

Garibaldi La Jolla Sea Caves

We have been photographing with point-and-shoot waterproof digital cameras since 2008 and we will teach you

underwater photography tips for waterproof cameras to capture great memories and images of amazing marine life.

Ocean conditions change regularly. Always check local weather and conditions before entering the water and enter at your own risk.

Bat Ray La Jolla Shores

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