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Vacations and staycations in La Jolla, California are fabulous! There is so much to do for everyone in the family. From the Playhouse, to the award winning restaurants, to the sandy beaches, to the shopping, and to the grand hotels.

La Jolla Beach and Blacks Beach view from Mt. Soledad

Located in the city of San Diego, La Jolla is found on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California.

When translated from Spanish to English, La Jolla means "The Jewel." Pronounced luh-hoi-uh, this sun-kissed coastal community lives up to its name with beautiful views, grand architecture, and a mix of tropical and semi-arid landscape.

La Jolla Beach: a view of Wipeout Beach and succulent flowers

If you enjoy walking, this stretch of seven miles (11km) of cliffs and sandy coastline offers some of the best beaches and scenic ocean views in San Diego.

Golfers look forward to the Torrey Pines Golf Course for its breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean while walking the greens.

Walk Barefoot La Jolla Shores Beach

San Diego whale watching is some of the best in California. Whale watching season is December through mid April for Gray Whales. Blue Whale watching has returned to San Diego waters and recently Blue Whales were sighted in August.

If you are a shopper and you want an ocean view, then the village's fashionable boutiques, shops and art galleries are for you.

La Jolla Shopping on Prospect Street with a View of the Pacific Ocean

More shopping can be found at the La Jolla Village Square near the campus of University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Despite its name affiliation with San Diego, this UC campus is actually located in the zip code of La Jolla.

More stores, from Apple to Verizon Wireless, are located at the Westfield University Town Center Mall in University City, a neighboring community to the east.

Theatre District, UCSD, La Jolla Village Drive entrance

After sunset, the arts and entertainment await you! Several movie theaters carry blockbuster motion pictures, independent and foreign films.

Surrounded by eucalyptus groves and chapparal on a mesa, the main campus of UCSD boasts a Theatre District, which includes the La Jolla Playhouse and the Mandell Weiss Center.

Music concerts are hosted at gorgeous venues such as the Museum of Contemporary Art's auditorium and the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library.

Check local restaurant listings for a variety of live music - from jazz to rock.

If your are into watersports, get ready for fun, fun, fun!

You can rent gear for surfing, boogie boarding, snorkeling, kayaking, and one of the latest sports, stand up paddling, just steps away from the shoreline.

Kayaks La Jolla Shores Beach

And for all of these activities, bring your camera and get ready to impress yourself with your photographs. From breathtaking views of cliffs and sea caves, to seal rookeries, to bright orange Garibaldi fish, this is a great place to photograph.

Every photographer knows you need good lighting to capture your stunning photos. San Diego boasts an average of 146 sunny days per year, 117 partly cloudy days, and the average annual precipitation is less than 11 inches.

La Jolla Shores beach and bench

San Diego is known for having one of the mildest climates in the United States, and rates as one of the top ten Best Weather Cities in the Farmer's Almanac.

In its America's Best Climates survey, rates San Diego as having the best summer climate.

In this website, I will share with you some of the best places to stay, enjoy a great meal, shop, walk on the beach, and enjoy the ocean. I will also share my tips and techniques for photographing watersports.

Off the coast, there are two State Marine Conservation Areas - San Diego Scripps and La Jolla.

Do you want to add a “Wow!” to your vacation? Are you ready for a little ocean adventure?

Try snorkeling, kayaking, or stand up paddle. Add underwater photography. You’ll have some adventure and bring home great memories too!

La Jolla Shores beach and bench

Steps from some of San Diego’s finest restaurants, these beaches offer some of the best access to water sports in southern California. La Jolla Cove offers a beach with snorkeling and swimming. La Jolla Shores offers a boat launch for kayakers and stand-up paddlers as well designated areas for swimmers, boogie boarders and surfers.

You can photograph bright orange Garibaldi at the Cove, or snap shots of your family swimming in the waves at the Shores, and take photos of your best friend with the grand Sea Caves in the background.

While snorkeling, if you know where to look, you can take photos of spiny lobsters, bright orange Garibaldi fish, round sting rays, and Leopard Sharks. I'll give you tips on how, when and where is the best time and place to photograph while snorkeling

Are you new to photography in general? Or are you new to underwater photography? I offer underwater photography tips for waterproof cameras to prepare you to take beautiful photos.

So get ready to dive in and enjoy your trip to La Jolla and do some photographing. When you get home, you will relive the excitement of your vacation every time you see your stunning photos.

La Jolla Shores view

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